June 2018

The ten-minute light show light show on the facade of Manege dedicated to FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia


The Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow


To create a light show dedicated to FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia


FIFA World Cup is one of the most emotional sport event followed by millions fans from all over the world. And there is no surprise because at one place the best football players, clubs, their representatives and fans get together.


In our light story we demonstrate the most interesting characters, football symbols and of course great emotions. FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is amped up by our light show. 


    • Writing a script of a ten-minute light show
    • Implementation and supervision


    • Permit coordination


    • Preparation and technical support on site


  • Event PR support


    • Over one thousand publications in mass media


    • For ten days about 350 thousand people saw the light show on site


  • Total coverage of streaming achieved about 110 thousand views, 92 percent of positive feedbacks, over 1300 reposts